Fibers & Vitamins

The fiber in 310 Shake not only assists in maintaining healthy digestion, but it also decreases the chance of diabetes and heart disease. 310 Shake gives 5 g of fiber per portion, or 20% of your daily intake.

According to the report of FDA, 310 Shake is a supplement rich in fiber. The shake uses the compound Fibersol-2, a polymerized fiber that suppresses hunger in the human body for almost three hours as noted by the manufacturers.

What Do Customers Get From 310 Shake?

The 310 Shake comprises of several vitamins and minerals necessary to do all the tasks written in the product seal:

Vitamin A – It is significant for good eyesight and healthy bones in the body. It is also agreeable with the immune system and the skin to nurture it.

Calcium – There’s no denying that the bones need calcium to work. Some researches even indicate that a union of vitamin D and calcium can guard against diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Vitamin D – Calcium alone is not enough to build strong bones. You also need a good amount of vitamin D.

Niacin –  The main purpose of 310 Shake type is to degrade bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in one’s body.

Folic Acid – Not only does 310 Shake improve humans’ moods, but folic acid is also a great diet for the nervous system.

Biotin – It also strengthens nails, skin, and hair. Also, it helps your metabolic, nervous, and digestive functions to do the task efficiently.

Phosphorus – Performs various essential roles, especially as bones, teeth, and muscle development.

Magnesium – Necessary for a healthy heart and kidneys.

Vitamin C – A versatile system in terms of the immune system, with security against colds and diseases like cancer.

Iron – Necessary for the transportation of oxygen that strengthens human blood cells.

Vitamin E – 310 Shake also assists to fight the natural aging of cells and fight heart disease.

Riboflavin – This substance plays a significant role in energy production.